Sauerworks Weekly Beasties

It can be difficult to get oneself in gear to really be motivated and productive. I found myself in such a situation lately. Ideas would pop into my head and I would internally chuckle and give a nod, acknowledging the thought as a good one, a funny one, and one for the list of ideas. So, I would add it my idea list... and call it good. I mean, I wrote it down! Now it's saved. That's good enough, right?! That's not so good. What good are ideas if they don't get acted upon?!


I found myself filling time watching television shows or  playing phone apps. Not just a break, but hours. Yes, I was entertained, but was it making me happy? Truly happy? Nope. When am I truly happy? When I'm being productive and making things. I needed to find a way to motivate myself to use my time more wisely and get into a habit of making. I'd been telling myself I needed to just go in the studio and make. Make something. Make anything. Just make. Well, that wasn't producing results. I needed to do something more. 


There is an adage that goes, "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion," which can be defined as, "The amount of time that one has to perform a task is the amount of time it will take to complete the task."  For myself this is particularly true. So I needed to do more and I needed to set a deadline, otherwise I'd just keep adding to a list that I'd never really start. 


My solution is starting a series I call Weekly Beasties where I shall create a creature in some form (drawing, painting, and/or sculpture) each week. Goal: make more. Deadline: every week. So far, so good. But, without accountability, it'd be like the list and I may talk myself out if it, or tell myself, "eh, I'll just do two next week, or maybe three the following one." Nope. I need accountability so I have decided to film myself making these friendly fiends and posting them on the web! Take that , lazy self-brain!


It has already motivated me into action! I cobbled together a janky camera holder (nothing even close to a tripod; a clamp squeezing some pliers and a magnet holding the phone onto the pliers!), learning how to use time-lapse on my iPhone, and learning some video editing basics. All in one day. 


Being the Friday of the first week in 2017, I am pleased to present to you, Sauerworks Weekly Beasties 001